So much for the whalesharks and beaches, let’s have a countdown of Cebu’s waterfalls that you must visit in your lifetime.

1Tumalog Falls in Oslob

Photo Credit: Rye Tremocha

The unique horseshoe waterfall of Tumalog Falls in Oslob, a municipality 170 kilometers from Cebu City.

2Kawasan Falls in Badian

Photo Credit: Khonjie Pepito Conje

A three-tiered cascade of crystal clear waterfalls. It is the highlight of Barangay Matutinao located in the municipal of Badian.

3Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan

One of a few waterfalls in the island where the water loses contact of the rock wall near the point where it touches the basin.

4Bugnawan Falls in Ginatilan

Photo Credit: Rufa Suan

The name Bugnawan came from the term “bugnaw,” which means cold in Cebuano. It is called Bugnawan Falls due to its icy cold waters.

5Kampael Falls in Ginatilan

Photo Credit: @TourismInGinatilan

This 15-meter waterfall features a small catch basin where visitors can take a dip in its cool clear waters.

According to locals, its name was taken from the name of the owner of the area, Raphael. It was coined from the term “kang Raphael” or “owned by Raphael.”

6Binalayan Falls in Samboan

Photo Credit: Rye Tremocha

The three-drop waterfall.

7Aguinid Falls in Samboan

Aguinid Falls was a climb of many thrills. Jump, glide, climb crawl a little bit of adventure awaits here. ‘Aguinid’ which means to ‘slide’ down slowly

8Dao Falls in Samboan

Photo Credit: Rye Tremocha

The magnificent Dao falls is Samboan’s highest waterfall.

9Tinubdan Falls in Catmon

Photo Credit: Rye Tremocha

A multi-cascade type of waterfall. One of the natural heritage of Brgy. Tabili Catmon, Cebu.

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